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Order your copy of "Refuge From The Storm- A new beginning" DVD and printed Bible Study Guide today. ______________________________________________________ Linda is left broken by Spiritual Forces beyond her control, until she is given the knowledge to conquer the darkness around her. ______________________________________________________ Full Color Digitally Mastered DVD. Wide Screen format, stereo sound. English with Spanish and Korean subtitles. Special features included. Free download of Bible Study Guide. Feature Run Time 101 min. ______________________________________________________ Your copy of this dvd includes a printed study guide called "THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF GOD", The scripture behind the script of the movie Refuge From the Storm. With this guide and your copy of Refuge From The Storm, you can follow the movie scene by scene utilizing the disc chapter selection menu. You will be able to document the biblical truths which brought complete deliverance to the main character Linda and those around her. Over 200 scriptures that reveal the truth about: Death, Answers to prayers, Ghost, Good & Evil, God’s protection , God’s goodness , Angels, The purpose of man Healing, Devil spirits, and The gift of holy spirit. ______________________________________________________ *ALL PROCEEDS go to the development of future films like “Refuge From the Storm.” Thank you for your support of films that will inspire today’s culture.